Politics of Afterlife 

Book Series


 by Sylvian Fischer


On other planets in the universe, books generally have a small pretentious, introductory taster of what is to come, included at no extra charge by the author, a gift to the reader, if you will. It is the literary equivalent of an amuse bouche that one would receive in a fancy pants restaurant, where people with more money than brains like to be seen, you may be familiar with such on your planet.  This short piece is basically a surreal and abstract taster of the book series you are about to experience. A literary amuse bouch. 


                                                                 THE POLITICS OF AFTERLIFE  


Act 1, Scene 1.   The opening scene in school play in the mirrorverse. Sometime in the distant future, based on this book.

 The curtains open to reveal the universe, not just any old commoner garden universe, but this particular universe, the one that you’re experiencing right now. The entire stage is utilised in the projection. The Gods (who remain unseen for this short but important introduction) have gathered.  A deep and calming voice booms out.

“What do you think of bringing Furry Waters up here to show him around and then send him back to try and change all this?

“Why him?”

“Well because the Lucifarians have got to him. He is working for them, but like the others he doesn’t know it.”

“So, you want to get him back on side?”

“I do, he could make a huge difference.”

“Don’t you mean he will?”

“He will what?”

“Make a huge difference?”

“That is what I said.”

“You said he could make a huge difference and you are omnipotent so you should say he will make a huge difference.”

“Well, it’s complicated, there is of course the time honoured “free will” escape clause, but it kind of ruins the plot if there is certainly at the beginning.”

“So, he may, or may not be the one.”


“Ok. Let’s do this, who do we have down there?”



The curtains close slowly with a faint recurring high-pitched whistling sound, similar to the sound made by a wheelbarrow with a squeaky wheel.


                                                                   Introduction 1

                    Message from the all-knowing, all seeing, unseen, entity, Nizam Diz Milla.

Humankind has long pondered the question of existence. Zoroaster who is said to have lived between twelve hundred and fourteen hundred years BC, was the first known writer to suggest that the universe was influenced by the forces of good and evil. He also envisioned a great judgement that would eventually lead to a world of peace and justice.

You have over the generations poked a curious digit into the sky, looking, searching, and gathering information about the stars and planets in the hope it might shed some light on the origins of the universe and your existence as a species. The possibility of finding a clue as to why you exist on a small rock in a vast universe. The distances you can observe become greater as technology advances and you can now gather information astrologers could only dream of generations before.

While some have watched the sky, some have listened to their inner voice for many years, for generations even, trying to find answers, but any answers that do present themselves only lead to more questions. Now with the aid of modern technology, you can listen. You can eavesdrop on the universe with radio telescopes, you can send up probes into the heavens, photographing, watching, listening, and waiting, for something, anything, that would suggest that the human race is not alone. But there is nothing. Not a sound, not a signal. Only silence.

But intelligent life does exist, and something deep inside you is aware of this, and perhaps it is what motivates the search. What you search for is unseen by telescopes, unheard by antennae. For the alien life you search for is not physical, it is unseen.

But we are here. We have lived among you since the beginning. We have been trying to communicate with you. But now through the medium of the internet, and a new marketing department here in the afterlife, we are finally making contact with you. You are part of the Genesis project, which has been run 6 times so far. It has been stopped each time as it has continually gone horribly wrong. Each time the experiment is terminated, the planet is put into a deep freeze, and we prepare to begin again from scratch from an ice age. The freezer is being prepared once more for what may be the 7th time. But this time we won’t be rebooting the experiment.


Nizam Diz Milla




                                                                     Introduction 2

                                   (Written by the author Sylvian Fisher to explain Introduction 1)


I met MJ Jason for the first time while he was in recovery at a rehabilitation facility. He ended up there after collapsing from exhaustion, while performing a live music show. The facility encouraged creativity to aid patients’ recovery through art. Painting, writing, music, and poetry were all encouraged. When I arrived, MJ showed me some of the work he had created during his stay and not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised. He had several interesting paintings, and some matchstick sculptures which, to be honest were a little embarrassing, so we won’t discuss them. But there were some painted pieces that caught my eye. They were very small and square in shape which made them perfect for social media and when they were blown up for large prints, they had great texture from the magnified brush strokes. One of the most popular of these was called “Red with Black Dots,” painted on cereal card, which was a very successful work and was shared a lot on social media platforms due to its nature. I also liked the painting with binary code in black text across a white noise background that was used as artwork for the release of his track which shared the same title, “There’s A Message Coming Through.”

I had been invited to interview him about what had happened in the preceding years when he had been in a car accident and experienced what he described at the time as ontological shock. The following is a quote from a previous magazine article. “The doctors said I had died and, in the time that I was dead to the physical world, I visited some kind of alternate reality, a utopia. When I came back, I wanted to see if it was possible to live like that here, in this dimension, or as close to it as possible.” These life changing events had been newspaper headlines which led to prime-time radio interviews and then TV talk shows followed, inviting MJ on as a guest to share his story. Because of the media exposure MJ and his music began to gain interest internationally. Up until the crash he was known by his stage name Furry Waters. When he regained consciousness after the accident, he woke up to a world where Furry Waters didn’t seem to exist, and he was known by his real name MJ Jason. His previous incarnation, that of the artist Furry Waters, seemed to have been erased from history. Now and again, people come across a Furry Waters CD, a news article, or an old photograph but there is nothing online, no memory of or material from that period to be found. It’s like it never happened. The entire digital history of his career has been deleted. 

MJ contacted me a few weeks after the article was published to say he liked what I had written and asked if I would be interested in documenting his story in a book. As soon as I had accepted the challenge, MJ sent me a couple of large cardboard boxes filled with journals, press cuttings, a bundle of handwritten material, including pieces of torn paper with notes, passages of text printed from a computer and a number of pictures, some of which were photos and some he had put together using a montage or collage technique, cutting up old pictures and rearranging them to make new ones. Then I found some CDs of original music he had written to be included with the book as a soundtrack. I began the arduous task of going through this pile and organising it into some kind of story line. During this period as I would finish my work typing up the story on my laptop. I would reopen it later to find a whole section of new text had been added! These new sections of text would always be signed off in the name of Nizam diz Milla with two smiley face emojis.

 Introduction 1 is text from Nizam diz Milla, who is an entity MJ met when he crossed over to the other place. Nizam has helped to add more detail to the story, and describing the unseen world better than MJ ever could. The introduction credited to Nizam appeared on my laptop screen a few months into compiling the work. Nizam had written these notes using me as a conduit. In absence of a more scientific explanation, I accepted this is what had happened due to episodes that occurred later. These automatic or channelled writings added a lot of clarity to the message MJ was trying to express or share so I have included them in the completed text. The method of delivery was so alien to me and the fact that the information was beyond my own knowledge, I must admit, it disturbed me at first. There is a history of channelled writing that goes back through history, it seems they have been trying to contact us for quite some time.


So, we pick up the story with MJ Jason, before his life changing car crash, under the pseudonym Furry Waters on a video shoot for his latest song…I Love My Car.


Sylvian Fischer

Author and Retired Space Traveller.